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Free VPN Application Apps to Help You Surf Anonymously

Security has always been a concern in mobile platform especially when the underlying operating system is like Android which is open-source. There are many security researchers who stress on not doing any critical work like opening an official mail-id or doing a bank transaction on Smartphone devices because of their embedded weakness in securing the total application like a work-station.

Why choose VPN? There are still a lot of loop holes which are present in the Android Market APK core kernel structure and in the API so it is not rated as secure as any stable WorkStation platform like Windows, Linux etc. Anonymity is also the requirement of today’s web-surfer. They don’t want to get traced by their IP address and corresponding location because of many reasons.

Many websites restricts one free download slot for couple of hours so if there is possibility to change IP addresses and server location than downloading from these websites will be very easy task. VPN accomplishes all of thes…

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